Tim Williams is Reader in Silk Roads Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. He is also Degree Programme coordinator for the MA Managing Archaeological Sites & the MA Urban Archaeology, Director of the Ancient Merv Project (Turkmenistan), Member of ICOMOS and the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), Academic Board member of the Institute for Field Research.

Mr Williams’ background is in urban archaeology, especially Roman, Islamic & Central Asian; approaches to complex stratigraphy; and archaeological site management. He worked for the Department of Urban Archaeology (Museum of London), between 1981-1991, and then was Head of Archaeology Commissions at English Heritage, before joining UCL in 2002, and has undertaken long running projects in Beirut, Lebanon & Merv, Turkmenistan.

His current research focuses on the development of urbanism along the Silk Roads. He is an ICOMOS expert member on advisory missions and panels, and undertook the ICOMOS thematic study of the Silk Roads, which moved away from the emphasis on east-west interaction by exploring the complexity and dynamics of cultural exchange. It provided the basis for the UNESCO World Heritage nomination strategy for the Silk Roads.

He is now working on the South Asian Silk Roads project, and assisting the Kingdom of Bhutan to develop its national heritage inventory using the Getty Conservation Institute’s open source system ARCHES.