International Conference 2019
digital cultural heritage:
a landscape perspective
College of Architecture and Urban Planing (CAUP)
Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai
November 23-24, 2019

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23-24 November 2019

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20 January 2020

LI Deren_edited.png
Professor LI Derren
Wuhan University, China


The Method and Application of

Digital Preserving for Cultural Heritage

From Mogao Grottoes to Chi Lin Nunnery 

Professor Tim Winter
The University
of Western Australia


The Digital Silk Roads:

Heritage across borders

Tim Winter_edited.png
Dr Tom Brigden
Purcell Architects, Master Planners, Heritage Consultants, United Kingdom

Digital Tools for Heritage Management and Construction

Associate Professor
Mario Santana
Carleton University Canada


Harnessing digital workflows for the understanding, promotion and participation in the conservation of heritage sites by meeting both ethical and technical challenges


There has been significant interest in both digital heritage and cultural landscapes over recent years. The junction between the two, however, remains essentially under-explored. Digital technologies can improve conservation documentation and preservation techniques, enhance interpretation with interactive media, enrich archives with sensory experiences and augment histories with crowdsourced data. Cultural landscapes can epitomise the nexus between cultural and natural heritage, acknowledge significant human interaction with environments, and recognise enduring intercultural dialogue across space, time and societies. Yet both can also provoke questions about authenticity, ownership and value, and challenge the concept of ‘living heritage’ and the sustainability of heritage values.

This conference seeks to explore the implications and theoretical challenges of digital technologies for cultural landscapes. The conference will focus less on descriptive projects and more on how digital technologies can contribute to debates about the relationship between the cultural and natural past, present and future.

The conference will focus on the emerging disciplines of digital cultural heritage and the established practice of heritage management, providing a platform for critical debate between those developing and applying innovative digital technology, and those seeking to integrated best practice into the preservation, presentation and sustainable management of historic cultural landscapes.


We welcome academics and practitioners from diverse disciplinary perspectives including architecture and landscape architecture, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, geography, education, ethnology, geography, heritage, history, media and museum studies, tourism, sociology and urban studies. We particularly encourage papers that examine the challenges of digitising tangible and intangible cultural heritage across space, time and society, and across disciplines, medias and scales. We also encourage papers that address the theoretical challenges posed by digital cultural heritage, particularly in relation to cultural landscapes and cultural routes.

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digital cultural heritage:
a landscape perspective